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URGENT Sevin Christian Needs Your Prayers For Oaklee and Aubree DKA Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Dallas, Texas 12.6.22

Sevin Christian asks for your prayers for Oaklee and Aubree. Both went into DKA Diabetic Ketoacidosis on the same day. Aubree is at home now and recovering with her Mom, and Oaklee is still in the ICU. We need your prayers and support.

Sevin Christian, a RISING STAR in the making, is our newest driver for DFDA with a fantastic family that supports his mission to help others. Genuine & Philanthropic. Thank you, Sevin.

Please Visit Sevin Christians' website at ,

"Check, Don't Guess" It may not be the Flu!

Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Extreme Thirst / Fruity Breath / Drowsiness / Confusion / Heavy Breathing / Vomiting / Sudden Weight Loss / Frequent Urination / Increased Appetite / Sudden Vision Changes / Unconsciousness /

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