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During childhood, Sevin Christian set his eyes on becoming the next F1 Race Car Driver. Sevin assisted his Father (Ray Christian) with cars at a young age and developed the skills and mindset of every vehicle for foreign to domestic. His interests exceed his possibilities in racing as he is very determined to succeed and up to any challenge given to him. Sevin Christian has partaken in multiple racing events such as amateur karting, Team Texans Nascar Experience, Sports Car Club in America (SCCA) Track Night in America racing event, ChampCar Endurance Series, and ChampCar Ledges Raceway.


Sevin is currently perfecting his craft and working alongside a previous two-time winning  Indy Car Rar Driver (Al Unser J.) for Future Star Racing Organization. Additionally, Sevin is collaborating with Drive For Diabetes Organization to help spread awareness and educate the surrounding communities on becoming aware of the disease's signs and symptoms. A big part of his participation in Drive for Diabetes is dedicated to the sudden passing of Sevin's Uncle Remco. Because of this, Sevin believes that everyone should be aware of this disease. 

From his youth to today, sevin is physically and mentally capable of enduring and overcoming many obstacles. As he knows he is currently at the beginning of his racing career, he will continue to reach the sky's limit! 

"We are only limited when we take our opportunities for granted. With a God-given dream, there will always be a way to succeed!" - Sevin Christian

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