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Diabetic Ketoacidosiss Survivors


In 2010 Lacy Kuehl lost her baby brother Rocco just 2 weeks after his first birthday due to being misdiagnosed with the FLU!


Knowledge complacency took Rocco's life.


Type1 diabetes DKA ( Diabetic Ketoacidosis) 


In 2018 Lacy Kuehl started racing for Diabetic survivors and raced for

Phillip Lague to share his story of surviving (Type1) Diabetes Ketoacidosis so no other parent or sibling loses a loved one!

Lacy says, Diabetes doesn't run in my family, my parents have heard of it, but they had no idea of how serious it was. Losing my brother was devastating to our family, and it's my mission to ensure that parents and children worldwide know the symptoms and what to look for so that a diagnosis can be made sooner. No parent or sibling should have to lose a child from diabetes, and a child shouldn't have to lose a parent from diabetes.

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