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Florida teen Driver / Musher LACY KUEHL races sled dogs in Alaska to help fight diabetes

Sarasota. Fl 3/29/2023

FOX Weather's Nick Kosir did a one-on-one interview with Lacy Kuehl, the youngest Floridian to ever participate in the Junior Iditarod Sled Dog Race. She did it all in honor of her brother, who died of diabetes. She breaks down going from race car driving in hot Florida to learning how to deal with cold weather in Alaska to race dogs.

"Check, Don't Guess" It may not be the Flu!

Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Extreme Thirst / Fruity Breath / Drowsiness / Confusion / Heavy Breathing / Vomiting / Sudden Weight Loss / Frequent Urination / Increased Appetite / Sudden Vision Changes / Unconsciousness /

"Education is Knowledge, and Knowledge is the Power to Help save LIVES!"

Click this link to watch on Fox Weather

(Heather Kuehl, Lacy Kuehl and Alaskan Huskie GOLD)

Lacy was asked, Who is your hero?

"Rocco is my Hero. Rocco is why I race to warn others

of the symptoms and signs of diabetes, so no other parent or child has to lose their life." Says Lacy.

Huge thanks to all that supported Lacy's journey.

Digital Bros Studios

Tyren Torkelson & family, Mike Dillard & family. Junior Iditarod, Green Zebra Cafe, Team Petit Racing, Tork Memorial Foundation, Doug Hestes & family, Mary Pariseau, Diane Coy, Michael Krimsky, Big Lake Family Restaurant, 107.1 KHITZ Big Lake, AK, Big lake Thrift shop (Chris), 49th Eagle PCS LLC, Digital Bros Studios, Janssen Funeral Homes, Matt Brown, Operation Children First, Knik Lake, Sled sponsors The Berington Twins Anna and Kristy, The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club, Lacy's trainers; Nicolas Petit, Kaiden Foster, Artyom Krutikov, sled helpers Doug Sheldon, Josh Robinson , AK Little Dipper Craft, , Kelsey Akers , Lou Shrader, Heidi's Italian Bistro Rick Hamm & Rick Partridge, Citrus Speedway Camron Ray & Tony Modica, and the Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC team Sevin Christian, and long time supporter Chris Houston.

Drive for Diabetes Awareness could always use more support, so please share their story to help them along in their mission and make a kind donation and share with your community today.

Thanks to Digital Bros Studios for all the philanthropic work you have done and continue to do.

We look forward to seeing the documentary and Lacy's return in 2024 for the Jr. Iditarod.

Stay tuned for the release date of this Documentary,

"From Florida Driver to Musher."

Release date Summer of 2023

If you would like to support Lacy Kuehl and Drive for diabetes awareness for the 2024 Jr. Iditarod or her motorsports career.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

We are always looking for Ambassadors for

"Drive for Diabetes Awareness."

Media Contact: President/Founder:

Brent Kuehl Email:

Phone: 941-447-5929


©2014- DRIVE FOR DIABETES AWARENESS, INC - 501 c 3 EIN# 47-2243582

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