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Look back at 2023 with Lacy Kuehl Jr. Iditarod / NASCAR / Legend Car / Sprint Car / Jr. Dragster / Dogs / Diabetes Awareness / Alaska / Florida / Pennsylvania

Published March, 2024

By Brent Kuehl

Racing Lacy Kuehl 2023 Year-End Video / Pics

Special thanks to our 2023 supporters and partners.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to partner or sponsor with us in 2024 and beyond. Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC

Patrick Moore Motorsports

Team Turn Speed Racing James Williams

Tork Memorial Foundation

Bellboy Motorsports Austin Bellemare

The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club

Digital Bros Studios 

Hestes Family Sheila Hestes Doug Hestes

NASCAR Drive Youth Development

Saygen Boehmer 

Kyle Boehmer

Boehmer Services Asphalt Maintenance

Hit The Lights Productions Rob York

Tyren Torkelson

Alaska Raceway Park

Don Maynor

Neat: Bar · Food · Lounge

Sarasota Camaro Club 

49th Eagle PCS LLC 

Houston Grass Station Camp Ground 

Operation Children First 

Team Petit Tours Nicolas Petit

Janssen Funeral Homes

Kelsey Rebekah Meshelle Akers 

AK Little Dipper Craft - Josh Robinson

NIT Northern Industrial Training

Curtis W Houston 

Huge thanks to all that has donated their time and or money.

Thank you.

Some people ask, How can we help?

 Well, you can share what we do on social media, and you can always donate to help us save lives.

Thank you

"Check, Don't Guess"

It may not be the Flu!

Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Extreme Thirst / Fruity Breath / Drowsiness / Confusion / Heavy Breathing / Vomiting /Sudden Weight Loss / Frequent Urination / Increased Appetite / Sudden Vision Changes / Unconsciousness /

"Education is Knowledge, and Knowledge is the Power to Help save LIVES!"

Media Contact:

President/Founder: Brent Kuehl

Sarasota, Florida

Phone: 941-447-5929

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