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Meet Sevin Christian

Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC. Inks a Sponsorship deal with Driver Sevin Christian for 2022 and beyond.

"Christian will help bring awareness of Diabetes to the motorsports world."

DFDA and Christian have been getting to know each other this year, and when we got a phone call from Christian that he wanted to commit to a long-term relationship with DFDA, we were ecstatic.

Christian's goal is to race in the 2023 Formula 4 series in a Ligier powered by HONDA. Sevin Christian will be the 3rd Driver for Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC. He is joining Formula 3 Driver Jason Alder and Legend Car Driver and Musher Lacy Kuehl.

We call this the DREAM TEAM for Diabetes Awareness. November is Nationals Diabetes Awareness Month, and Christian is readily preparing for a long journey of success, kicking off Diabetes Awareness Month with some significant events in Texas.

Hey, they say everything is bigger in Texas.

"It's difficult to find drivers like Sevin Christian to be a brand ambassador for Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC. Most drivers want, want, want, but Christian is philanthropic! Sevin Christian is different, and for that reason alone, this relationship is priceless."

Racing and automotive have been a piece of Christian's life: from go-kart racing to working alongside his dad and helping fix cars for customers. Sevin's ultimate favorite racing series are Formula one and Indy car. Although his passion resides in the racing field, Sevin has another passion, and that is to help others. Christian will race to share diabetes awareness and inspire others so he can create his destiny; now, we call that determination!

Visit Sevin's Website:

Familiarize yourself with the early WARNING signs of diabetes:

Sudden Weight Loss, Confusion, Vomiting, Extreme Thirst, Frequent Urination, Sudden Vision Changes, Drowsiness, Lethargy, Fruity Breath, Unconsciousness, Heavy Labored Breathing, and Increased Appetite.

"Education is knowledge, and knowledge is the power to help save lives." "Check Don’t Guess! It may not be the flu!"

ALL media requests or partnerships contact


Brent Kuehl 941-447-5929 Drive for Diabetes awareness, inc

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