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Alaska, Jr. Iditarod Lance Mackey's Legacy lives on

Sarasota, FL 12.03.22

Seem confusing? Well, If you didn't know. Driver & Musher Lacy Kuehl is officially a Jr. Iditarod entry with Team Nicolas Petit Alaska Dogstead Mushing Company on February 25th, 2023, Alaska. Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC

Please support this great team.

You will be helping and supporting 5 different entities.

Lacy Kuehl, 6 of Lance Mackey Dogs Alaska Dogstead Mushing Company Nicolas Petit, Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC 501 c 3.

DONATE right here. Thanks for your support!

"Check, Don't Guess" It may not be the Flu!

Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Extreme Thirst / Fruity Breath / Drowsiness / Confusion / Heavy Breathing / Vomiting / Sudden Weight Loss / Frequent Urination / Increased Appetite / Sudden Vision Changes / Unconsciousness

"Education is Knowledge, and Knowledge is the Power to Help save LIVES!"

Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC has partnered with Digital Bros Studios, and they will be in Alaska with us to capture all the footage of the Jr. Iditarod. We can't thank them enough. There are extraordinary people in this world, and these great folks meet all the criteria to be called #Extraordinary.

Huge thanks to Tork Memorial Foundation Tyren Torkelson Matt Brown Doug Hestes Mary Ellen George Pariseau and Diane Coy for coming on board to support us.

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