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Driver/Musher LACY KUEHL Rookie Entry for the Junior Iditarod Feb 25th 2023 Alaska

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Challenging one self's growth at the young age of 16 to share diabetes awareness.

Press release to follow stay tuned for more details.

Driver/Musher Lacy Kuehl will be on Team Petit with Musher Nicolas Petit

Lacy Kuehl, 16, is an eleventh-grader from Sarasota, Florida. During the summer of 2022, Lacy came to Alaska to race at the Alaska Raceway. After a rained-out event, she went dryland mushing with Nic Petit and was hooked! He offered her a team for the 2023 Jr. Iditarod, and after some thought, she said yes. Although she has never experienced weather colder than 30°F, she's excited for a new challenge in life. No matter what kind or race, be it a car or dog sled, Lacy runs to spread awareness for diabetes. Her family founded Drive for Diabetes Awareness. Though still new to the sport, Lacy hopes to continue running sled dogs after high school.

Pay attention: It is estimated that 537 million people are currently living with diabetes all over the world. By 2045, projections show this number rising to some 783 million diabetics globally.

Knowledge complacency can be a real Killer.

“Education is knowledge, and knowledge is the power to help save lives."

"Check Don’t Guess! It may not be the flu!"

Familiarize yourself with the early WARNING signs of diabetes:

Sudden Weight Loss, Confusion, Vomiting, Extreme Thirst, Frequent Urination, Sudden Vision Changes, Drowsiness, Lethargy, Fruity Breath, Unconsciousness, Heavy Labored Breathing, and Increased Appetite #DFDA #ketones #CheckDontGuess #diabetesawareness #charity #type1 #type2 #Ketoacidosis #diabeteseducation #diabetes #d4da #diabetessymptoms #motorsports #drive #driver #driving #determination #alaska #jriditarod #musher #rookie #HOF #florida #risingstar Please make a kind donation and/or share to support Diabetes Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC Without everyone's support, this is not possible to continue. Huge thanks to all the ones that have supported us in so many different ways. We shall continue this mission and grow throughout the USA and beyond.

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