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Mushing Magazine Podcast sits down with Florida Native Teen Driver Musher Lacy Kuehl Alaska's 150 Mile Jr Iditarod Mushing and Racing Cars

Sarasota, Florida

January 21st, 2024

By: Brent Kuehl

Podcast Alaskas Mushing Magazine with Lacy Kuehl Race Cars and Mushing #alaskalife #mushing #race 


Mushing Magazine Alaska Podcast with Lacy Kuehl Racing Cars and Mushing

Mushing Magazine Alaska Podcast with Lacy Kuehl Racing Cars and Mushing

Florida teen native. Never seen snow or temps under 35f.

Driver / Musher / Spokesperson / Lacy Kuehl 

is asked to race in the 2023 Jr. Iditarod and she says YES.

Lacy's Mom said,' Lacy, why did you say yes?

Lacy's replied,' Mom, why would I say NO?

16 Entries 2023 Jr. Iditarod Lacy Kuehl Bib #8

 Her destination is Alaska to participate in the 2023 Jr. Iditarod 150-mile dog-sled race from Knik Lake to Yentna Station Roadhouse and back, with a 10-hour mandatory stop at Yentna Station.

150 miles knik Lake to Yentna Station and back.

Sleeping outside without any assistance throughout the race.

No Cell phone, only a GPS tracker, and her 9 dogs.

The leaders Bansaw and Shooby saved her life and were awarded the Blue Harness Award!

Team PETIT Lacy Kuehl

38 days to train. With the aid of Team PETIT Nicolas Petit, trainers Artyom Krutikov / Kaiden Foster, and Louis Schrader, the young women prepared physically and mentally for the harsh weather and terrain throughout training.

Lacy Kuehl Nicolas PETIT Lou Schrader Kaiden Foster and Artyom Krutikov

No time to take a day off, training every day.

She slept on the ground in a sleeping bag with straw hay, no cover, no tent, just the dogs and pure survival as she overlooked the Yentna River.

Lacy Kuehl Yentna River, Alaska

Before and after the race, Lacy Kuehl became popular with the media FOX Weather FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay Digital Bros Studios ABC7 Southwest Florida FOX 13's Mark Wilson and other media outlets. #podcast 

Digital Bros Creative Studios releases the FILM.

"Driven Florida Driver to Alaskan Musher." Lacy Kuehl

 "Driven Florida Driver to Alaskan Musher."

Free to watch on #youtubechannel #filmmaker 

Digital Bros Studios

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