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The face of Diabetes Awareness Happy Birthday, Rocco Cole Kuehl 1.7.2009 - 1.25.2010

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Sarasota, FL 1.7.2022

Rocco Cole Kuehl is the face of the Drive for Diabetes Awareness branding Logo. Rocco will forever be the face to warn others of diabetes and how knowledge complacency can lead to certain death. Knowing the symptoms of diabetes will and does save lives.

In 2017 Lacy Kuehl, Rocco's sister, was racing in Inverness, FL, and she had an impromptu interview.

Lacy was asked, Who is your hero?

"Rocco is my Hero. Rocco is why I race to warn others

of the symptoms and signs of diabetes, so no other parent or child has to lose their life." Says Lacy

President Brent Kuehl

Drive for Diabetes Awareness, INC

+1 941-447-5929

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