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Tyren Torkelson takes on the U.S. Legend Car Nationals at the BULL RING in Las Vegas

Race day in VEGAS:

Today 11/5/2023 Tyren Torkelson takes to the track in the MASTER CLASS for the U.S. Legend Cars International and INEX Nationals.

Tune into USLCI TV for coverage of today's races at 5pm ET/2pm PT on U.S. Legend Cars TV #USLCI | #AsphaltNats |

@The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with team Robert Gayton Racing Lance Mackey Tork Memorial Foundation November is National Diabetes Awareness Month show your support for Tyren Torkelson this man is extraordinary.

"Check, Don't Guess! It may not be the flu!" Familiarize yourself with the early WARNING signs of diabetes: Sudden Weight Loss, Confusion, Vomiting, Extreme Thirst, Frequent Urination, Sudden Vision Changes, Drowsiness, Lethargy, Fruity Breath, Unconsciousness, Heavy Labored Breathing, and Increased Appetite. Education is knowledge, and knowledge is the power to help save lives! #DFDA #KETONES #CheckDontGuess #DiabetesAwareness #Charity #Type1 #Type2 #Ketoacidosis #DiabetesEducation #Diabetes #Ketone #D4DA #DiabetesSymptoms

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